Architectural study

As part of the architectural study, we will develop a solution proposal for your new real property. The output is floor plans and 3 to 4 visualizations of the building exterior. As part of the study price, we provide the elaboration of the design itself and one client’s change. For your future investment, we will prepare the best proposal in order to select the optimal and cost-effective solution.

The architectural study falls into the category of pre-project activities, within which we also offer our clients the elaboration of investment plans and efficiency studies with continuous monitoring of investment costs. We focus on a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and the construction site. Subsequently, we transform these into a spatial form thanks to a 3D model or 3D animation.

Thanks to these procedures, we can define the amount of investment costs of future construction and thus provide a basis for the client's strategic decision. The pre-project activity also includes preliminary negotiations with the relevant state administration bodies.

Pre-project activity is an important factor in deciding on future investments and should therefore be entrusted to responsible hands.

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With the architecture from FVA, you get a real property that will exactly match your requirements and which, with its functional design, will contribute to your good image and the higher value of your investment.

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