FIT OUT solutions

We offer our clients comprehensive design and FIT OUT solutions in the field of new construction and reconstruction of administrative and commercial premises. We will take over the entire order, design it and implement it comprehensively according to your ideas.

FIT OUT solutions offer time savings as well as investment savings, which, depending on the project complexity, can reach up to 25%. FIT OUT projects are an ideal solution for clients who want to manage their investments as efficiently as possible and at the same time require consistent fulfillment of time, financial and aesthetic criteria.

Breakdown of our services provided in the field of interior design and FIT OUT


  • analysis of the client's requirements and proposal of a suitable solution for the arrangement of the interior space


  • elaboration of conceptual architectural designs and their construction-technical solutions
  • elaboration of 3D models and 3D animation of future investment


  • project documentation is prepared in the detail necessary for the implementation of building modifications, technology modifications, for the implementation of atypical and typical elements and interior equipment
  • defines material characteristics of surface treatments, construction and production documentation of atypical elements
  • contains a detailed cost calculation and statement of acreage
  • is the basis for the implementation of FIT OUT solutions


  • management and implementation of the entire FIT OUT process, exactly according to the time, financial and aesthetic criteria of the investor.

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